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We Will Talk About Social Book Marketing and Write Off Vegas As A Business Trip

Join social book marketing expert Warren Whitlock in VegasWelcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

I’m going to be at the BlogWorld Expo 11/8-9 and hope you are going to be in town for a great event.

LVICC, our local chamber for businesses that have web sites or blogs will be there and I’m looking to connect with bloggers that want to be published authors and those that would like me to send them best selling authors as guests for your blog or podcast.

Join LVICC (the Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce) even if you don’t live here.. and post a comment if you’d like to meet us at Blogworld.

Increasing Our Reputations Together with Social Book Marketing

I’m inventing a new term this evening.. “social book marketing”.. using social bookmarking sites for book marketing.

(helps my own target keywors “book marketing” too<grin>)

Here’s the deal… I’m placing links in posts here.. and soon on other sites I tell you about.. so you can click to add a vote.

If you have similar software buttons, just let me know and I’ll be happy to reciprocate, and tell readers here (hnit.. you can tell them yourself in a comment to this post)

So click on any of the links or buttons you see.. then post a comment to let me know how it works for you

Another Partner Comments

Here’s a testimonial I picked up on Facebook

Warren Whitlock Book Marketing on Facebook

Dov Baron at October 19 1:25pm
“Warren and I have have goten to know each other over the last year or so I have found him to be very knowledgable and even more important willing to assist you in applying his knowledge for your success. Warren is the king of JV book promotion.”

I’m always looking for ways to reciprocate. Leave a comment here, and on make sure we are connected on Linkdin

Do let us all know about other networking and cross promotions sites you find

Comment Here for FREE PROMOTION

As a partner on our book promotions, I want to give you some extra free promotion here.

Just leave a comment.. letting us know about you and your latest news.

Include a web site URL… this post has been rigged so that search engines will see it and give you credit for an incoming link.

Rules? none really, but here tips..

  1. Don’t spam us. I still can remove blatant garbage <G>
  2. Use the keywors that reader use to search for you
  3. Write something about what you do. Short and simple is best
  4. Tell your friends about

If you find it in you heart to say nice things about our promotions.. I will quote you on websites and social networking profiles. More fame and traffic for you, your book and your business.

Updated News Theme

I’m working on some new ways for you to cross promote and get FREE leads, new readers, more subscribers and web traffic.

One idea is to feature more comments and testimonials on blogs like this. So I started with a new theme.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Be sure to add a link to whatever is new in  your business.

Working together, we all grow faster!