Are You Building Your Network To Attract More Readers?

I’ve often said here that the best benefit to our giant cross promotion is the new relationships between members of our network.

Here’s some news about what I’m doing to connect with even more marketers online

In addition to, you need to have social networking accounts to build relationship and find parnters in your niche.

My favorite networking site right now is Here’s how I’m using it to build relationships

I’ve been doing good deed for people that follow me on Twitter

So when my new pal Joe Gerstandt became follower #600, I knew it was time to step things up a notch. I declared today Joe Gerstandt day and started urging all my friends to do something nice for Joe.

If you know Joe, you know I’ve picked a great guy who deserves this recognition. If you don’t know Joe, today is the day to meet him.

Here’s some of the actions I suggest when you make a few friend online. I hope you will post a comment and share your ideas.

1. Follow Joe on Twitter

2. Visit Joe’s blog at

3. Check out Joe’s profile at

Making new connections and friends online is fun and can be extremely profitable. Especially if you follow the Law of Reciprocity… that is, GIVE before you get. When you do something nice for someone else, even a stranger, you will see amazing results.

This is the reason that free samples and trade show gifts work. But only if the gift is real. Don’t expect that you will always get an immediate payback. Just give freely from the heart.

From what I’ve read of Joe, he’s going feel our love and pass it on. But that’s not the objective here. Regardless of the immediate outcome, we can all make the world a nicer place.

Reach out. Make a connection, Give a genuine complement when you read a blog post. Tell your friends about something you saw online. then post a comment here to let me know about it.

Be sure to let Joe know that Warren sent you.

Then go do it again.. and watch what happens