Attract New Readers With This FREE Reader Magnet

I was just reviewing sites from partners who take a few seconds and leave a comment here.

The partners who do are the ones that “get it” and I would suggest that you connect with them to add real power to your own promotions.

  1. Find a link to their blog or community site
  2. Skim through and find what is interesting about them.
  3. Read a post, and think how you could add to the discussion
  4. Leave a thoughtful comment

This works. I’ve been connecting with more players in the past two weeks that I would have thought possible. Most read the comments you leave, and really appreciate knowing what readers think, and several new partnerships opportunities have opened up for new joint ventures, cross promotions, book deals and best seller campaigns.

Meeting Best Selling Author Seth Godin 

I’ve been following Seth Godin (author of Permission Marketing, All Marketers Are Liars, Purple Cow and many other great marketing books) for many years. I really like the concept of his and suggtest that every author and entrepreneur have at least one lens (page) there

Squidoo added a new feature this week called MonkeyBrain. When I saw it, I immediatly clilcked to see what it was about.

I set up a lens in minutes, with my thoughts on the value of arguments and posted about it on my Best Seller Authors Blog. Within the first 48 hours, there were hundreds of viewers, several comments, including one from Seth himself. Then he notcied a typo on my blog post and left a acomment there… calling me a “monkey brain”

Since then, we’ve traded private emails. I have a new valuable connection and friend.

Total investment in time.. about 20 minutes.

Best of all, I have fun surfing the web, reading as much or more than I did before, while using the time to get multiple goals at the same time.. News, networking connections, relationships built and maintained and new sales to profitable clients that come looking for me.

When you read a post, profile (say on MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIN) and see some that you know or what to know better, use this to make a brief connection.

Remember to think in terms of what is helpful to them and their projects, not a blatent promotion for yourself. The Law of Reciprocity will kick in and good will come

Read this post from my friend Azlan Hussain  for more perspective on these digital relationships

4 thoughts on “Attract New Readers With This FREE Reader Magnet

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    PS: Great content.. You deserve it.. BUT… I don’t know how 😉

  2. Azlan

    I surfed over to you site from the link here on your name. I’m a fan and added you to my reading list.

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  3. The thoughtful comment practice is one I used very successfully on MySpace. Because I am an award winning filmmaker, I tend to troll in the indie forums and have ended up with a plethora of film friends. By keeping up on who just landed what part and answering questions from newbies, I’ve become a trusted resource. As they say, it’s all about being popular! A couple of times I have offered something fantastic through the Bulletin on MySpace, and found out that only 100 or so of my nearly 5000 friends read it. Well, once they posted about it, now more of my friends read it. So spicing up your blog or bulletins to reward regular readers is a way of keeping them on their toes and interested.

    And cross promotion with bonus items is totally the way to go to introduce yourself to a whole new world of potential customers and fans. I can’t wait to launch my campaign shortly. Should be a blast.


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