One thought on “All Partners Should Already Be Using This To Build Their Lists

  1. Warren, this is a fantastic introduction to what you do!

    I’ve participated in a number of the Zero Cost Promotions and am signed up for the 2 thsi month.

    And you’re so right, Warren, about reciprocity. I am so with you regarding being a giver. You do definitely overdeliver. when I think of where I am now vs where I was a year ago, I directly attribute what has happened to me so far to the fact that I follow Einstein’s principle to seek first to be a person of value and success will follow.

    Thank you for this fabulous resource.

    And by teh way, I tell my mentoring clients about your promotions to help them grow their list.

    Follow your bliss!

    Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady of
    author of _The Kama Sutra of Storytelling: Positioning, Power and Profit_

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