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Attract New Readers With This FREE Reader Magnet

I was just reviewing sites from partners who take a few seconds and leave a comment here.

The partners who do are the ones that “get it” and I would suggest that you connect with them to add real power to your own promotions.

  1. Find a link to their blog or community site
  2. Skim through and find what is interesting about them.
  3. Read a post, and think how you could add to the discussion
  4. Leave a thoughtful comment

This works. I’ve been connecting with more players in the past two weeks that I would have thought possible. Most read the comments you leave, and really appreciate knowing what readers think, and several new partnerships opportunities have opened up for new joint ventures, cross promotions, book deals and best seller campaigns.

Meeting Best Selling Author Seth Godin 

I’ve been following Seth Godin (author of Permission Marketing, All Marketers Are Liars, Purple Cow and many other great marketing books) for many years. I really like the concept of his and suggtest that every author and entrepreneur have at least one lens (page) there

Squidoo added a new feature this week called MonkeyBrain. When I saw it, I immediatly clilcked to see what it was about.

I set up a lens in minutes, with my thoughts on the value of arguments and posted about it on my Best Seller Authors Blog. Within the first 48 hours, there were hundreds of viewers, several comments, including one from Seth himself. Then he notcied a typo on my blog post and left a acomment there… calling me a “monkey brain”

Since then, we’ve traded private emails. I have a new valuable connection and friend.

Total investment in time.. about 20 minutes.

Best of all, I have fun surfing the web, reading as much or more than I did before, while using the time to get multiple goals at the same time.. News, networking connections, relationships built and maintained and new sales to profitable clients that come looking for me.

When you read a post, profile (say on MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIN) and see some that you know or what to know better, use this to make a brief connection.

Remember to think in terms of what is helpful to them and their projects, not a blatent promotion for yourself. The Law of Reciprocity will kick in and good will come

Read this post from my friend Azlan Hussain  for more perspective on these digital relationships

Do Best Seller Cross Promotions Work?

I was just asked to comment on a blog post

Seems some PR people object to us creating best seller books with our best seller blasts.

My guess is that they don’t want us doing something that can be done without them.

Do you like the free leads you get from cross promotions?

Have you followed up with all the new subscribers you get? (Sure, some will instantly unsubscribe and find that your offers are not for them.. but those that are following up get a target new lead.. how’s it working for you?)

Please post a comment here. Tell me what you think about cross promotions, free leads and joint ventures. As always, put in any URL to your own stuff as long as it’s not just a blatant ad.  You may also want to comment on the orignal post, and my reaction on the Best Seller Blog

Wanted: Partners Who Want More Authors and Entrepreneurs

RE: Authors JV.. help your list and earn easy commissions

Do you have an email list of authors, entrepreneurs or others who might be
interested in getting major national publicity?

If so, my friend Steve Harrison has an affiliate opportunity you might want
to check out. He’s offering a free telephone seminar next Thursday,
January 31st with a former Oprah guest booker on how to get booked as a
guest on top national TV shows. You’ll make a commission on a publicity
how-to product and conference he’s offering.

Last year, publicity how-to product converted at 7.4% which means the
average affiliate made $5.02 in commissions for each and every person they
got registered for the free teleseminar. This year, Steve has sweetened
the offer for affiliates by also agreeing to pay them on the conference as

In any event, to get all the details and sign up, go here now:

What Books Are Coming in 2008?

Going into the last month of the year.. time to make sure we have our promotion calander full up for the coming new year.

We’ll be making improvements to the ZeroCostPromotions program, giving you more ways to get new readers targeted for your mailing list.

If you have a new book coming out, send us a note if you want to get on the schedule. The team has options for any sized budget, and can refer you to professional services that will further leverage your results.

WithInAsThru yoU! is Going to be a Best Seller

Scott Kiere and A.S. Kerself have collaborated with you on a new book.. now going out to millions of readers through our best seller blast promotion.

Our book marketing plan has come together with 97 participating partner, dozens of free bonus gifts and cross promotions that will build the partners online mailing list with new readers, prospects and sales leads.

I’ll have rank updates on twitter and Facebook, and here of course. What I won’t be able to report is the dozens of new deals that come from partners and readers connecting. It’s very common for me to talk to a partner that has been with us for a short while.. and hear about them buying a book, going through the free gifts that are associated, and finding several new partners for their own promotions.

The book is worth the few bucks. Go ahead a grab a copy, and maybe send out a few as gifts. (think about it.. don’t you open EVERY Amazon box the second it arrives?  I’ll be your clients and prospects do to).

I’ve sent out several to people I want to stay connected with. I just add a note during the Amazon checkout that says “thought you might enjoy this” and my name. (also a free promotion idea).

Getting Ready to Blast to MILLIONS on 11/13

Have you signed up?

We’re going out to millions of opt in emails next Tuesday with this. I want to make sure you are getting in on the action.

If you want to put it in your own blog (you should).. please link to and put a comment here so I can give you some extra love/links


We Will Talk About Social Book Marketing and Write Off Vegas As A Business Trip

Join social book marketing expert Warren Whitlock in VegasWelcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

I’m going to be at the BlogWorld Expo 11/8-9 and hope you are going to be in town for a great event.

LVICC, our local chamber for businesses that have web sites or blogs will be there and I’m looking to connect with bloggers that want to be published authors and those that would like me to send them best selling authors as guests for your blog or podcast.

Join LVICC (the Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce) even if you don’t live here.. and post a comment if you’d like to meet us at Blogworld.

A New Zero Cost Way for Partners to Get Buzz

While out making connections to promote I started playing with Facebook by creating a Book Marketing Strategy page


While there, I ran in Guy Kawasaki (yes, THE Guy Kawasaki) and his facebook app. I signed up, posted a Trumor, and connect him with Paul Lemberg because they think alike.


It’s unreasonable to think that online networking will lead to big things.. we all have so much to do, how will we find the time to reach out online?


Unreasonable maybe.. but I think it a necessity going forward.


Check out Guy’s app at


What Truemors can you post that show off your unique expertiese?


Post a comment here and let me know what you are doing to network this way?