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How We Will Include You In This New York Times Best Seller Book

The “Guerrilla” project response is enormous.

PARTNERS are signing up.. with little more notice than a form on this link

But many have questions…

“Just what is this promotions about?”

“Do I really get to be in a New York Times Bestseller?”

“When and what do I have to do?”

“Is there a financial commitment?

I have the answers for you…

Granted, there weren’t a lot of details. So I got Ben Mack on the phone for a few minutes to explain. Ben is the genius behind the plan, working with Paulie Sabol, Jay Conrad Levinson and 20 of the hottest information marketers to put out a strategy that GUARANTEES there will be thousands of books ordered, commissions paid up front to affiliates, and a lot of attention and traffic for those involved.

The first product will be a $7 report (easily worth 5-10x that much). But all you do is tell people about the lead in offer.

After that, they sell the report, and some will buy a $595 product. They do the work, you get paid.

When this starts, you will see a product launch you will be proud to associated with (and likely will want to get yourself)

Here’s the quick action items (do these today)

1. Sign up at (no cost, complete instructions will follow)

2. Listen to the 9 minute recording. Ben explains just what we are doing.

3. Use your affiliate link when you tell your mailing list, blog readers, etc about the project. (sample emails, etc are provided when you sign up)

4. Earn money for each person that take s valuable report.. more if they decide to buy into the training.

5. Get just one sale, and you’ll be included in the BEST SELLER book coming out in January 2009.

Don’t forget to post a comment here. Your URL will be live for other partners who want to get to know you, and will get you “link juice”.. Ask questions, suggest ideas, any relevant thing you can think to say helps us all get to know each other better.

I monitor these comments personally and will respond with comments, blog posts or email as appropriate.

Attract New Readers With This FREE Reader Magnet

I was just reviewing sites from partners who take a few seconds and leave a comment here.

The partners who do are the ones that “get it” and I would suggest that you connect with them to add real power to your own promotions.

  1. Find a link to their blog or community site
  2. Skim through and find what is interesting about them.
  3. Read a post, and think how you could add to the discussion
  4. Leave a thoughtful comment

This works. I’ve been connecting with more players in the past two weeks that I would have thought possible. Most read the comments you leave, and really appreciate knowing what readers think, and several new partnerships opportunities have opened up for new joint ventures, cross promotions, book deals and best seller campaigns.

Meeting Best Selling Author Seth Godin 

I’ve been following Seth Godin (author of Permission Marketing, All Marketers Are Liars, Purple Cow and many other great marketing books) for many years. I really like the concept of his and suggtest that every author and entrepreneur have at least one lens (page) there

Squidoo added a new feature this week called MonkeyBrain. When I saw it, I immediatly clilcked to see what it was about.

I set up a lens in minutes, with my thoughts on the value of arguments and posted about it on my Best Seller Authors Blog. Within the first 48 hours, there were hundreds of viewers, several comments, including one from Seth himself. Then he notcied a typo on my blog post and left a acomment there… calling me a “monkey brain”

Since then, we’ve traded private emails. I have a new valuable connection and friend.

Total investment in time.. about 20 minutes.

Best of all, I have fun surfing the web, reading as much or more than I did before, while using the time to get multiple goals at the same time.. News, networking connections, relationships built and maintained and new sales to profitable clients that come looking for me.

When you read a post, profile (say on MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIN) and see some that you know or what to know better, use this to make a brief connection.

Remember to think in terms of what is helpful to them and their projects, not a blatent promotion for yourself. The Law of Reciprocity will kick in and good will come

Read this post from my friend Azlan Hussain  for more perspective on these digital relationships

Increasing Our Reputations Together with Social Book Marketing

I’m inventing a new term this evening.. “social book marketing”.. using social bookmarking sites for book marketing.

(helps my own target keywors “book marketing” too<grin>)

Here’s the deal… I’m placing links in posts here.. and soon on other sites I tell you about.. so you can click to add a vote.

If you have similar software buttons, just let me know and I’ll be happy to reciprocate, and tell readers here (hnit.. you can tell them yourself in a comment to this post)

So click on any of the links or buttons you see.. then post a comment to let me know how it works for you

Another Partner Comments

Here’s a testimonial I picked up on Facebook

Warren Whitlock Book Marketing on Facebook

Dov Baron at October 19 1:25pm
“Warren and I have have goten to know each other over the last year or so I have found him to be very knowledgable and even more important willing to assist you in applying his knowledge for your success. Warren is the king of JV book promotion.”

I’m always looking for ways to reciprocate. Leave a comment here, and on make sure we are connected on Linkdin

Do let us all know about other networking and cross promotions sites you find

Cross promote with COMMENTS

I’ve enabled the comments on the posting software here… this can be quite useful if you use it like I do.

When I visit a blog that is related to an author or business I’m promoting, I always try to find a way to comment.

There are a couple of ground rules (etiquette) in using comments.

1. Make sure the comment it relevant to the post. No fair commenting with out becoming part of the discussion.

2. Don’t spam us with your offer. I’ll allow any contact information that you’d put in “signature” of an email.. but please don’t try to solicit us directly here.

A great comment would be more than “good post”.. and reflects your ideas and thoughts.

I’ll try to post some questions.. such as “what kind of books do you think would make the best leads for you?”

So go ahead.. post a comment!