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If You Want Your Email Read.. Listen To This

This short interview with Alan Bechtold tells how you can benefit from the campaign.

  • Get of your email opened and read
  • Get publicity during The Great Email Test
  • Add Subscribers from the thousands of emails sent during the test
  • Earn commissions
  • More publicity as you tell others the results next month

Sign up now. Alan will give you the easy details via email and I’ll post more here.

Leave a comment to tell us all about your involvement.

Our Guerrillas Beat Their Guerrillas.. “You Are Going to the Best Seller List!”

I just talked to Ben Mack about the Guerrilla Balance Sheet launch our partners are participating in this week.

We’re #1.. beating out the mega marketers and their humongous list for the top position and most sales so far.

That’s the power of partnerships.

There is still time to make sure you are in the New York Times Best Seller

This unique promotion is designed to help the little guy compete. No matter what size of mailing list you have, you can earn the right to be one of the Guerrilla Information Marketers featured in the book next January.

All you have to do is promote the Guerrilla Balance Sheet by telling your readers about the FREE VIDEO lesson from Jay Conrad Levinson.

They watch the video, get a huge discount on the report (really, new information on how to get paid for your marketing.. not $700 or $70.. just $7. The price is low to make sure that people who want it can get started… and we all can benefit from what’s in that report).

The system takes care of your readers.. marking down YOU as the person that told them about it. You get $5.04 immediately, and 50% of a commission on a later product (that could be $248 a sale extra for you with no work)

Beyond the quick cash, the best reason to do this is the exposure you’ll get. If you do anything related to self improvement, success, or small business entrepreneurs and marketing you want to be associated with the best selling authors here.

Imagine being able to point to a book that will be on the NY Times Best Seller list and say “that me right there”

If you haven’t signed up.. there is still time.. Go to right now.

Then be sure to put your affiliate link on your own blog, in emails to your mailing list, and on the social marketing sites you visit. Let’s let the world know that Jay and the gurus are ready to tell  us how to get paid for your marketing.

Leave me a comment and tell us what you will do

Better Than Free? Our Partners Are Getting Paid For Their Marketing

Why have hundreds of partners joined Jay Conrad Levinson to promote the upcoming Guerrilla Information Marketing best seller?

They have discovered that they can use marketing that is better than free.. It pays you in the process.

Look at this list.  These are the folks that got in on Monday… Then join them free (or better) at

Dan Kuschell
Shawn Casey
Sharon Casey
José España
Tellman Knudson
Srinivasa Saripalli
Tabitha Cawthrone
Jurgen Wolff
Colin Klinkert
Frank Bauer
Joshua Shafran
Mark Evans
Michael Ruge
Mitch Baldwin
Simon Leung
Matt Bacak
Eric Rockefeller
Ross Goldberg
Ewen Chia
Harris Fellman
Dave Lakhani
Brian Edmonson
Mike Morgan
Tahir Shah
Terry Telford
T.Harv Eker
Donna Fox
Paulie Sabol
Benjamin Mack
Jay Conrad Levinson
Brad Fallon
Tracy Lee Carroll
Richard Williams
Inez Bracy
Harriëtte Greve
Kieron Welch
John Mignano
Colleen Lue
Amar Mehta
Tony Hicks
Ron Finklestein
Ozer Tayiz
Rob Moore
Bill Barnett
Paul Saunders
Eric Giguere
Heather Clarke
Nancy Gable
Georgette Pann
Milana Leshinsky
Tony Puckerin
Gwen Gades
Lee Collins
David Shortt
Ronda Del Boccio
Ann Stewart
James Smith
Farhana Shaikh
Terri Marie
Trent Lee
Chuck Hartman
Jennifer Wilkov
Vicki Flaugher
Rosanne Dausilio
Matthew Sikich
Susan Berg
Ed Sykes
Toni Shrader
Bonnie Boots
Elaine Williams
Rebbie Straubing
Bob Burnham
Patty Crowe
Neil Godin
Annie Anderson
Kathe Lucas
John Susko
Ilias Kaperonis
Kelly Conway
Greg Roworth
Geri Winters
David Birkett
Yoon Um
Nalini Johnson
George Bentley
Brian J Johnston
Cathie Sherwood
Bronwyn Ritchie
Dr Howard Edward Haller
Scott Hoffman
Eva Gregory
Zoe Routh
Tom Ramrod
Jay Aaron
Les Schmidt
Lynn Dorman
Terrance Fullerton
Marsha Anderson
Peter Loughlin
Wayne Van Dyck
Letitia  Wright
Chiang C.H.
Gitie House
Don-Alan Rekow
Brandi Murphy
Kurt Hurley
Nora Femenia
Adryenn Ashley
Redwood Enterprises
Aileen Mccabe-Maucher
Rick Miller
Bonnie Cranmer
James Mohr
Maria  Targett
David Hooper
Deborah Baker Receniello
Paula Tarrant
Keith Matthew
Katerina Gasset

Can I Include You in My Best Selling Book?

Here’s a cross promotion that will get you FREE PUBLICITY…

.. and make you some quick cash

Just tell your list about this:

You’ll make 51% of sales… $298.50.


Want to be in a NY Times bestselling book?

I’m more excited and optimistic then I have ever been because next January I’m going to be a New York Times bestselling author.

I’d like to acknowledge you in our book, “Guerrilla Information Marketing” by JAY CONRAD LEVINSON and the superstars of information marketing…

Details for PARTNERS…

Here’s all you need to do to GET INTO THE BOOK with a single sale…

  1. Tell me you want in at: ==>
  2. You get $5 on each $7 report sold.
  3. You get 50% commision of a follow up $597 product sale.
  4. You can be in the Best Selling Book!

You’re positioned to make money in the next week when we teach your readers and customers how to become Guerrilla Information Marketers.

First chance to email is this Tuesday, 2/19.

This sales system is gonna sell like lemonade on a hot day because your readers are ready for 3 simple steps to never ending profits!

If you can you email next week you’ll become a part of history and thanked in…

=> “Guerrilla Information Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson and me.

Take just a moment now and let me know you are joining us. This is short notice.. so you will need to act right now to make sure you have a spot is where you go. Takes just a moment to declare your interest and profit.

And Yes, we will actually put you in the best seller (already thousands of copies pre-ordered) and you’ll be part of a MAJOR release in a few months.

Jump on this now.

Wanted: Partners Who Want More Authors and Entrepreneurs

RE: Authors JV.. help your list and earn easy commissions

Do you have an email list of authors, entrepreneurs or others who might be
interested in getting major national publicity?

If so, my friend Steve Harrison has an affiliate opportunity you might want
to check out. He’s offering a free telephone seminar next Thursday,
January 31st with a former Oprah guest booker on how to get booked as a
guest on top national TV shows. You’ll make a commission on a publicity
how-to product and conference he’s offering.

Last year, publicity how-to product converted at 7.4% which means the
average affiliate made $5.02 in commissions for each and every person they
got registered for the free teleseminar. This year, Steve has sweetened
the offer for affiliates by also agreeing to pay them on the conference as

In any event, to get all the details and sign up, go here now:

Which Offers Does Your List Like Best?

I’ve been doing a lot of tracking and research to find what people on my online mailing list are most interested.

The results have been very helpful in planning my business and promotions for the next year.

I have a several mailing lists. Primarily, there is my list of authors. I’ve discovered that when I talk a about writing and selling books, or at least something related to that , the response is 2-300% higher than general offers.

My success oriented list lover to hear about new products, but the message must have the right keywords for them.

One odd finding. Many mailing lists do not respond as well to “here’s how to make a lot of money” offers. The authors like to make money. The success seekers like to make money.. they just don’t like anything that comes off as a scheme.

I’ve also found that readers respond best to “the real me”.. messages from the heart. So when I talk about my own discoveries, products I’m using and especially books I’m reading, the click through rate on offers goes up.

How about you?

Readers of my Partner News page are usually on my “Partners” list. When I talked about getting new leads for your business, attracting new readers for your mailing list, and getting the word out about your own book (many are also on my “authors” list) I get great response.

Do you want to make money?

Yes, but my research shows that as a group, you are savvy enough to know that you aren’t going to find one magic pill, a new web tool, or secret handshake that unlocks all the wealth.

And what about your list?

Have you asked your mailing list what they want to hear about?  What issue are troubling them? What help they are looking for? and most of all what would the like to read about in your next newsletter?

Tracking is nice. Real comments from real people even better. Please leave a comment. Let’s talk about what you want to see here on the PARTNER NEWS page and what kind of joint ventures and cross promotions we should feature.

Would you like more money making offers?

More “best seller book” campaigns

Do you appreciate our focus on qualified leads? 

FREE Book Marketing Resource.. Would You Like to be Featured?

I just added a new “lens” (page) at Squidoo (you do use Squidoo for free promotion, right?)

Another “lens” will be for “Talking With Giants”, a part of the next Mega Success Day we’re planning for January.

While there, I got thinking.. why not give away a bunch of stuff on Squidoo.. and so my FREE BOOK MARKETING lens was born.

If you market to authors, or those that want to be authors, give me something to give away and I’ll promote it. Or if you have an interesting promotion idea for authors, books, publishers or webmasters leave a comment here and we’ll pick several to feature on the “lens”

It’s FREE to get started on Squidoo.. I suggest you grab a lens URL while there are still great names available.

Only take a few seconds to sign up. You can build the page later.

What Books Are Coming in 2008?

Going into the last month of the year.. time to make sure we have our promotion calander full up for the coming new year.

We’ll be making improvements to the ZeroCostPromotions program, giving you more ways to get new readers targeted for your mailing list.

If you have a new book coming out, send us a note if you want to get on the schedule. The team has options for any sized budget, and can refer you to professional services that will further leverage your results.

WithInAsThru yoU! is Going to be a Best Seller

Scott Kiere and A.S. Kerself have collaborated with you on a new book.. now going out to millions of readers through our best seller blast promotion.

Our book marketing plan has come together with 97 participating partner, dozens of free bonus gifts and cross promotions that will build the partners online mailing list with new readers, prospects and sales leads.

I’ll have rank updates on twitter and Facebook, and here of course. What I won’t be able to report is the dozens of new deals that come from partners and readers connecting. It’s very common for me to talk to a partner that has been with us for a short while.. and hear about them buying a book, going through the free gifts that are associated, and finding several new partners for their own promotions.

The book is worth the few bucks. Go ahead a grab a copy, and maybe send out a few as gifts. (think about it.. don’t you open EVERY Amazon box the second it arrives?  I’ll be your clients and prospects do to).

I’ve sent out several to people I want to stay connected with. I just add a note during the Amazon checkout that says “thought you might enjoy this” and my name. (also a free promotion idea).