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  1. Warren,
    I admire the work you do here. It levels the playing field for us self-publishers. I am a success maker with readers in 27 countries. My latest offering is the fantastic book TAZZINISM’S – the 1 day miracle manual. For the folks here, I am allowing you to name whatever price you choose. Go to and look for the special offer in red.

    Much love and respect to you my friend

  2. Coach people to good health and healthy weight with healthy food for the body, the mind and the soul. Especially working on healthy nutrition, motivation, commitment , self-esteem and self-sabotage. I started to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a few month ago, to help people overcome their negativity.

  3. I’m excited to introduce you to Roslyn Franken Group, a company dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better through the practices of healthy eating and positive living.

    The company is owned and operated by proud cancer survivor and author, Roslyn Franken. Services include personalized counseling and professional speaking to promote, educate and inspire others with the principles outlined in Roslyn’s book, The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living. Personalized counseling is conducted by telephone and email so you can do it regardless of your location. Are you ready to reach AND maintain a healthy weight and positive lifestyle? Visit our website for your FREE online Readiness Assessment today. Includes a complimentary, no-obligation telephone consultation with author, Roslyn Franken.

  4. Hi Warren,
    Thanks for all you do. One of the central aspects of staying in the flow of synchronicity is to assist others along the way. You embody that spirit perfectly.
    My latest project has been my full color digital magazine, Synchronicity In Your Life, where many respected experts contribute their knowledge and expertise monthly. Topics include synchronicity, life purpose, dreams, herbs, power animals and general self improvement topics. It’s free to subscribe at

    Best to you!
    Bill White
    The Synchronicity Expert

  5. Hi Warren,

    Thank you for the synergy you create, for the outreach to new markets
    you make possible for your partners.

    I returned a few days ago from NYC where I hosted a meeting for my
    Diamond Plus Inner Circle Members. Now doing early preparation for a
    2 day event in Orlando (January 2008) for Members of my Preferred
    Speakers Club. Then, at the same venue, 2 more days of Mastermind
    Meetings for my Inner Circle Members.

    Life is exciting!

    With kindest regards,

    Burt Dubin

  6. Hi Warren!
    I love having the opportunity to give and share with all the partners who, like myself, participate in Zero Cost Promotions. What I appreciate most of all is your focus on giving. Thank you.
    I am known as the Story Lady because I teach you hwo to emotionally connect with people through the power of storytelling. You can attract just the right prospects, customers and affiliates to your business when you understand how to tell stories from the perspective of why someone would do business with you. My latest offering is a 6-week Storytelling Secrets That Grow Your Business course.
    Anyone is most welcome to claim “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Storytellers” and other storytelling gifts at
    Thank you.
    Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady of

  7. This website offers people multiple ways to advertise there product with classified ads, advertising sites and more or sell the product they just purchased
    from me The rights to sell this site has already been granted so each sale after I make nothing only on the first one witn mu url #

  8. Warren,
    Thanks for creating Zero Cost partnering opportuinties.

    My radio show: Living Smart and Well is a weekly, one-hour talk show focusing on personal well-being. Living Smart and Well covers personal, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and educational aspects of well-being. Living Smart and Well provides a wealth of information to improve your quality of life. Listen at, Monday, 12:00 noon ET.

  9. Hi, Warren.

    I enjoyed meeting you at Kevin Hogan’s Boot Camp two years ago. I have been coaching and writing ever since. I just finished a special report that I wanted to share with you and your readers. It is called Action Management and Prioritization, and you can access it here:

    Thank you for introducing s to so many great book, and opportunities to share with others. I hope when my new book comes out that I will be able to work with you.

    Tania Baildon

  10. Hello… I’m Jeanne May, a psychologist, from Western Australia. I recently created a website called Aspirations Plus which provides personal development information and support to help people get the most out of their life.

    My premise is that with belief, trust, and commitment, any goal can be achieved… any dream can become a reality… no matter what your circumstances are. I know from first hand experience that anything you belief in, and work towards, will become a reality.

    Having said that, my latest news is that my book “Outer Mongolia… no longer a fantasy” has been published in digital format. I’m excited about this and also about the fact that all proceeds go to the people of Mongolia via the Red Cross.

    I’m pleased to be part of the promotion for the new self help and self-discovery book, “WithInAsThru you!” I wish it every success!

    Jeanne May

  11. Awesumtech is about technology making a difference.
    Helping others live their highest dreams is what you seem to be about?
    They say that ” Do what you say and what you cannot do don’t talk about!”
    Have you seen the face in the moon lately?
    Aiming high in thoughts, words and deeds seems to free us in our life’s adventure.
    Keep on keeping on in your good service.
    Jack out of the box.

  12. Hi Warren,
    we have been in touch for so long and always you have creative opportunities for us. Many thanks!

    I’m a life and conflict coach, and this is my offer:
    “Feeling upset with your relationships? All efforts to communicate what you think finish up escalating into painful conflicts? My Conflict Coaching program lets you to see confrontations as golden opportunities, drastically reducing the pain and stress that you experience today. Discover how to create stronger bonds, and deeper mutual understanding.
    For all of you reading this, you can have a 30′ FREE coaching session, if you visit my coaching site, and the free ebook:
    ‘5 Essential Skills for Happy Relationships,’ going to:

    Thanks a lot again
    Nora Femenia, Ph.D.

  13. I’d like to introduce Rosanne D’Ausilio, Ph.D., industrial psychologist, consultant, and author of 4 books–the latest of which is hot off the press–How to Kick Your Customer Service Up A Notch: 101 Insider Tips available at She specializes in human performance management and is known as the “champion for the human” across industries. She is also a vibrant, dynamic keynote speaker.

    Warren, you do such a great job with authors–but more important to me, you are so consistent in your care of them!

  14. Hello, Warren,
    Thank you for the opportunities you present to us.

    FREE! The Christian Entrepreneur Report
    FREE report on Changing Your Financial Mindsets and Embracing Biblical Wealth Principles. Our Mission is to empower the Christian Entrepreneur with the knowledge of creating multiple streams of income through businesses, investments, and real estate.

    Mark Freeman
    EPIC Wealth Strategies

  15. Hi Warren,

    What an awesome opportunity. I am pleased to be a part of your promotions.

    I am the author of three books and known as “The Ingredients Investigator.” I research the safety of ingredients in food, cosmetics and personal care products and also teach people about healthy eating and nutrition.

    I have just come out with the 2007 edition of FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper’s Guide To What’s Safe and What’s Not, which rates over 1000 food additives according to safety. It also teaches you how to read labels so you absolutely know if the product you are buying is healthy for you, and much more.

    My book, DYING TO LOOK GOOD rates over 1300 ingredients added to cosmetics and personal care products and lists products that have been evaluated as safe, in addition to information on the cosmetics industry and why you need this information.

  16. Warren,
    Thank You! It is wonderful for you to share your generous spirit with us. And how delighted I am to be able to participate.

    I am a teacher, healer and Shield maker. I specialize working with the terminally ill in my healing work, have an internet based healers school to teach others to live their dream and create a Native American healing art form called Medicine Shields.

    All are welcome to stop by at to pick up my free ebook and join our monthly support teleconferences.

  17. Hello Warren,

    The Top 8 Techniques To Create A Floundering Home Based Business And 5 Things To Do Right Now To Generate A Whopping Six Figure Monthly Income.

    This is what I am currently working on with teaching how to add 20 to 30 reps a week to you downline Guaranteed.

    If you’re adding less than 50 people per month into your business, this revealing, down and dirty, in the trenches letter will change your life.

    Also working to have my TV program up and running again very shortly. So please do me a favor and help me build your business.
    Does not matter what network marketing company you have it work
    for you or any business that you want people coming to you begging to join your business.

    Thanks again
    Dr Robin Rushlo

  18. Warren

    Thanks again for the chance to add my site and I hope I speak for all the others that this service is great help when cross promoting other sites.

    Thank again Dr Robin Rushlo

  19. Hi Warren, thanks for the opportunity to give my company a little plug!

    Basically, my company Kikabink publishes products and services in the business (,, careers (,, wealth ( and personal development ( niches (to name a few of our sites).

    We have participated in a number of your book launches and have enjoyed our association with you. Looking forward to further mutual success.

  20. Hi, Warren and all or you smart networkers and visitors,

    An essential action you can do to create your dream is to seek the company of those who share your dream and of those moving towards their dream. You can’t discover the Majestic Swan you already are if you swim among the Ugly Ducklings! That is what ZeroPromotions enables us to do. My deepest gratitude to all of you.

    Catch the Dream Express-Alchemical Journey to Manifest your Dream is a digital experience designed to help women move through their obstacles into your personal dream. It includes an ebook, workbook, audios and secrets on how to make the laws of Attraction work for you. It will be released on December 12, 2007.

    Visit Reserve your copy now by emailing me at

    Best to you all,

    Maria Mar
    The Dream Alchemist

  21. I publish The Internet Wizards Magazine for people who want to discover their life mission, make their own products and market on the internet. That’s why I’m always pleased to participate in your promotions. They’re a wonderful example of postive-minded people banding together to help each other spread powerful messages of hope and well-being. That’s good for business….and business for good!

    Bonnie Boots
    The Internet Wizards Magazine
    Register for a free 1-year subscription at

  22. I have just recently joined Zero Cost Promotions but I have been impressed by Warren’s friendly and helpful attitude.
    My business is in Personal Development and I will also be offering Life and Spiritual Coaching on my website very soon.
    I offer practical application as opposed to mere theory so people can actually make use of the information they acquire.
    My passion is to free others to create a fulfilling life by guiding and supporting them in finding emotional freedom, increasing self worth, rekindling their dreams, experiencing their Authentic Power and expressing their Authentic Self.
    I have a free 7 day e-course at http://www.Lauren-Kennedy.cim/ns-powercourse.html.

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