Do Best Seller Cross Promotions Work?

I was just asked to comment on a blog post

Seems some PR people object to us creating best seller books with our best seller blasts.

My guess is that they don’t want us doing something that can be done without them.

Do you like the free leads you get from cross promotions?

Have you followed up with all the new subscribers you get? (Sure, some will instantly unsubscribe and find that your offers are not for them.. but those that are following up get a target new lead.. how’s it working for you?)

Please post a comment here. Tell me what you think about cross promotions, free leads and joint ventures. As always, put in any URL to your own stuff as long as it’s not just a blatant ad.  You may also want to comment on the orignal post, and my reaction on the Best Seller Blog

15 thoughts on “Do Best Seller Cross Promotions Work?

  1. Every one of my contacts that have used viral marketing and partnership marketing programs have had way more success than criticism. The way we look at it, people will vote with their feet. If the book on offer does not provide value or is not of interest, with or without incentives, they will not buy it.

    Mark Victor Hansen said it best: “The most shocking thing about the book business is that authors are responsible for promoting their own books. Sure, you might get a little bit of help here and there from your publisher. But if you want your book sales to provide a comfortable income — especially if you’re self-publishing — you must do the lion’s share of the work.”

    The more creative you can be, the better, but sometime there is just no substitute for the numbers game and getting the work done yourself.

  2. I have heard some people complain that doing a bestseller campaign is stacking the deck. But how is it different from placing an ad or getting on national or local media? It really isn’t. It’s a way of getting targeted visitors the solutions they need.

    I enjoy participating in the promotions. The leads who come are highly qualified prospects.

    And of course they can opt out anytime, so nothing that they get from me or the other partners is unsolicited OR unwanted.

    InnerSpace Author Interviews

  3. Warren you have put together the ideal programs that are a win win for everyone, authors become best sellers, promoters gain access to new leads, my list grows with interested readers each time I support a campaign that is relevant to my client base.My clients benefit by getting the valuable information they need to have profitable and productive businesses and my career clients gain insights to career advancement, passive revenue streams and work/life balance.

    The best part of the Personal Power of Influence is to make communications a win win for everyone and your campaigns do just that. If readers don’t know what that is they can get a free report at my website. Thank you Warren for pointing out the key benefits of cross promotions.

  4. Warren, I agree with you. While I’ve had some great response in being “partnered” with your firm on several promotions, there are those that just aren’t right for my list. You’ve not only respected that but encouraged it. That was true of you and your list when we did the First Step Internet Marketing promotion.

    Respect your list! Very important and good to point out.

    Many PR people get miffed because there are few who are really good at what they do and results are often held together by excuses. The good ones are GREAT. Your specialty will certainly be embraced eventually by the latter, and, of course, the hacks too.
    But to do it with the proficiency and the contacts you’ve made will make them far less competitive for some time.

    By the way, as one who’s worked some major PR firms on behalf of my own accounts or those of my clients, here’s a tip. Granted, this only works if you have a huge PR budget. But, it’s still less costly than a major ad campaign.

    Use a highly connected and respected showbiz PR firm. Find the ones that represent the biggest stars. Many of them will take on business accounts. Because of who they rep, the media will take all their calls and frequently give some extra time and space to a company or individual not yet on the radar.

    Why? They (the media) hope that they will be higher on the list for access to the well known clients and stars.

    Tom Justin

  5. Cross promotion is a worthwhile experience, not only for the leads it may generate but also because it’s spiritually rewarding being involved in the process of someone else achieving their goals and dreams.

    Following up new subscribers is imperative… they need a reason to stay! I’ve only had one subscriber that unsubscribed soon after receiving my product — and that’s ok.

    Jeanne May

  6. Hey Warren,

    Gosh, I’m a *huge* fan of Joint Ventures and book marketing campaigns. I’ve participated in many myself over the years as a Bonus Gift Sponsor and I STILL get a steady stream of subscribers from my free reports that are out there… which has resulted in a decent conversion rate to sales of my products and services.

    I think these cross-promotions are a win for everyone. I do think Barbara is right about not forcing people to opt-in if you don’t care about building a list, though. And, I certainly agree we should only participate in a promotion that we believe in and that is in alignment with our own business focus.

  7. Warren,

    One of the worst things a person can do is endorse something they don’t believe in. This is a sure way to lose crediblilty with your subscribers.

    I think your Zero Cost Promotions are the best! I appreciate the opportunities you offer. Thanks


  8. Warren,

    I love cross-promotions, BUT … they must be (1) high quality and (2) relevant to my audience and broad subject matter. If I promote IM material to a dog-oriented or healthcare oriented market, then I’m spamming them.

    They didn’t sign up for that. Honor and respect your readers, and they will honor and respect you… and buy from you. Selectivity is the key. And relationship. No hustle or spam.


  9. I’ve run across people who don’t like the bestseller campaigns because they feel it’s “gaming the system” in some way. To me, it’s just taking orders you would have gotten anyway, and concentrating them in a short enough period of time to be noticed.

    I discuss the strategy, pros and cons, in my seventh book, Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers,

  10. I cringed the other day when someone was pressuring me to promote their product to my list. I really liked the guy but trying to promote a business book to my list of people who want to read more about how to buy and prepare meat- and especially for those who want to save money and get the best for less. Well the cross promo idea didn’t work in this instance. I love joint ventures when they work!!! Like when I let a BBQ guy sell our book Confessions of a Butcher-eat steak on a Hamburger Budget and Save$$$ on his site- he did the sales page and marketed it to his list of 15,000. We were both pleased with the results.

    I think the promo people are just upset you’re cutting into their territory. They better learn that things are changing pretty quickly in business these days with the internet advances. These days you can trade up from a red paper clip to a house and grap a giant audience by selling pokemon cards on ebay. Take care and hope to do business with you soon.

    Vickie Smith
    pres. Ark Essentials Publishing
    Home of Confessions of a Butcher-eat steak on a hamburger budget and save$$$ and How I Feed My Family of Ten on $100 a week.

  11. Warren,

    I got the first name for my list through one of your cross promotions. And most of them are still with me.

    It was also easy for me to submit my gift. My technical knowledge is rudimentary at best, and some promotions I couldn’t figure out what to do.

    I look forward to your emails because I always get helpful information, tips, etc. I’m looking forward to the next promotion, too.

    Lauren Kennedy

  12. My experience is that if you know who to transparently and completely discuss your needs, the JV partners needs and find the happy medium it can be a great alternative to what traditional PR people promote which is a high retainer without little responsibility for results. Some are now offering elaborate on line web-sites and video presentations of the book which is nice if you have a gazillion dollars to spend and now much focus, you might as well try the shotgun approach. If you’re on a budget until you move merchandise then JV opportunities and very beneficial.

  13. Dear Warren,

    I am new to the internet business arena. While I have extensive experience in my field, Personal Development, I am still somewhat mystified when it comes to promoting my business on the internet.

    Most of the people on my list came from a giveaway that you had a few months back. I got more leads from the giveaway than I did from running a full page solo ad on a prominent e-zine.

    And your giveaway didn’t require a credit card. Your giveaway was also easy to use. I tried to donate to another giveaway but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    I have only had a few people unsubscribe and all but one finished the 7 day ecourse.

    You always provide useful information in your emails. You also seem to approach business with some integrity, rather than an attitude of take the money and run.

    I have had some unpleasant experiences with some internet marketers so I appreciate above board attitude.

    I look forward to your next promotion. My list hasn’t grown much since I last participated in one of your promotions.

    I am dedicated to assisting people in discovering their Personal Freedom through passion, purpose and empowerment. I spent many desperate years trapped in my own self created hell on earth before beginning my journey to personal freedom fifteen years ago.

    My own experiences have ignited my passion to help others, whether they are acutely suffering or living in quiet desperation. But I can’t help anyone if I don’t reach them.

    So I an excitedly anticipating your next promotion.

    I believe I read that I could include my website addresses. I will put them after my name in case I misunderstood. You can easily delete them.

    To Your Authentic Life,

    Lauren Kennedy

    Call for 30 minute free consultation: 513-889-1870

  14. Cross promotion is a great way to not only etend your own work, but to learn about what other people are doing and forge new relationships. The web is a perfect place for exploring ew talent and new opportunities and it works best with this type of marketing.

    Thank you for stopping by my site and I hope you enjoyed reading The Critic. Please come back for more.


  15. Margret

    Once you get on the IM mailing lists, it seems that they are the only ones doing cross promotions and joing ventures.

    The best thing you have going for you is your tight target market. Respect them and seek out competitors in your field and arrange targeted deals. It can be as simple as ‘I’ll write about you and you can write about me”

    I do it all the time.. .usually by posting a blog entry or mention in a newsletter. Soon, they are asking me to take it to the next lever.

    My readers get good stuff, and relationships are build.

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