Have Fun and Make A Lot of Money with Alan

Alan Bechtold wants you to have fun while making a lot more money than you knew was possible.

Watch Alan now in a video about Will Work For Fun (luanching June 24th)

He’s pretty much giving away everything you need to be as successful as he’s been in the past 24 years, plus showing you how to make above average profits

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EVENT: Have Fun and Profit with Alan’s Best Seller
DATE & TIME: Wednesday, June 4th at 5:00pm Pacific
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

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3 thoughts on “Have Fun and Make A Lot of Money with Alan

  1. Many people assume they must work at a job they do not like in order to afford to focus on what they really desire to do. What this reveals is a lack of self-confidence in your acknowledged passion. Another perspective exists. Where a person has faith in and trusts his abilities, to focus on his passion attracts what he needs to succeeed. This is a vision relaed to working for fun. When you enjoy what you do, then you no longer view this as work. Instead you experience self-acceptance as well as consistent pleasure.

    As each person goes through a mental process to develop faith in his potenial, you begin to understand shows like “Britains’ Got Talent” and “Idol.” Contestants make a go of a dream that they did not have the faith or trust in themselves to do before. Think about this a minute. Have you ever said, “I never had the opportunity?” or “I never had the time or money to invest in this dream? Reflect on what you are really saying. In essence, you have given in to fear that prevents you from succeeding. That may have been the case, until now. Finding joy in your life is the key to transforming your perspective.

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