Healthy PARTNERS Help Us Spread the Truth About Back Pain

We’re getting ready to launch “The Truth About Back Pain” in a few days to millions of email readers.

Partners are telling their mailing lists and blog readers about Todd Sinett, who appeared on CBS “The Early Show” to talk about back pain.

Watch the CBS Video on Back Pain here

The follow have provided bonus gifts to make up a package worth thousands of dollars to readers ordering “The Truth About Back Pain” next week.

Andy O’Bryan
Barbara Morris

Bill Cashell
Bonnie Boots
Celia Westberry
Cheryl Laures
Cynthia Rowland
Elizabeth Manuel
Faith Zimmerman
Georgette Pann
Grace E. Mauzy 
Jason Henderson
Jennifer Schaecher
Jim Katsoulis
John M. Rowley
John Mignano
Kathy Atkinson
Linda Yo
Nancy Gable
Peter “The Humorator” Fogel
Ron and Gitie House
Roslyn Franken
Susan Berg
Terri Shearer
Wendy C. Williams

You can still join us, but you should do it now, the promo starts on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Healthy PARTNERS Help Us Spread the Truth About Back Pain

  1. Hi,
    My dad has had back pain for years. I just wrote a review of this great book on Amazon.

    Here’s what nobody’s talking about so far – how many worker’s comp cases are back pain that could be reduced with proper health?

    Anyway, I know I need to get my bonus page up, which I’ll do tomorrow, and I’m blogging this weekend about this excellent book.

    Partners -you should write a review! Warren’s right! Listen to him. 😀

    Get into your new groove with I’ll Push You Steer – both authors are disabled, but nothing stops us!

  2. I just started a discussion thread and I hope other partners will participate in my thread about quick things to help your back before it becomes a problem — or you can start a thread of your own. This will not only help the author because the book is a hot topic, but it helps you get visibility when you have a bonus to add.

    You can even write an article and post it. This is located right under the discussion area, near the bottom of the listing.

    It only takes a couple of minutes to create an amplified win for all of us!

    The Story Lady of

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