If You Want Your Email Read.. Listen To This

This short interview with Alan Bechtold tells how you can benefit from the SaveMailPromo.com campaign.

  • Get of your email opened and read
  • Get publicity during The Great Email Test
  • Add Subscribers from the thousands of emails sent during the test
  • Earn commissions
  • More publicity as you tell others the results next month

Sign up now. Alan will give you the easy details via email and I’ll post more here.

Leave a comment to tell us all about your involvement.

8 thoughts on “If You Want Your Email Read.. Listen To This

  1. Warren, thanks for the heads up on this promo. Email deliverability is a topic close to my heart!! (Did you know I wrote the email bible, “Email Th@t Sizzles”, at http://emailthatsizzles.com)

    I listened to your interview & registered at saveouremail.com – I’m not yet 100% clear on how it all works… but will go check my email now! ha!

    I love how you always have your finger on the pulse of cool stuff!!

  2. All the ISP’s says the email gets through, but with my double optin process peoplea re still not getting their email. There has to be a better way. Thanks for the test.

  3. The audio only picked up your voice Warren and nothing of Alan came up. I also downloaded it onto my desktop and that didn’t work. Would have loved to have heard what was said.


  4. Jeanne

    The recording got us on two channels.. listen in mono, or make sure your left side is turned up.

    It’s there.

    I’ll make a note to use mono on my next interview

  5. Hi Warren,

    It was great seeing you at Mega Book.

    As always, you are on the leading edge with content and programs.

    I really wanted to drop out of email because I just can’t keep up with the volume. However, since I can’t do that as an Internet marketer, I look forward to this email experiment.

    Thank you.


    Jeanette Fisher

  6. Several thoughts occur to me. The first is educating readers to actually ‘whitelist’ you. At present there seems to be very few opportunities to get this message to them – because once they leave your opt-in form -if they are not receiving your e-mails – your follow-up instructions via e-mail will not reach them either.

    Also the internet is attracting many novice users everyday from around the globe. Most users want access to the requested information quickly and effortlessly. Whitelisting at present is a new concept for them. They also have little time and don’t like to clutter their address-books with e-mails of providers.

    I think one needs several prongs in making this work:
    – get the browsers to have a button on the toolbar that ‘whitelists’
    – make the addressbook more easily manageable for novice providers (who use the default setting for the personal addresses) – so that they are not overwhelmed or feel invaded by having to include e-mail marketers in their main list.
    – encourage the e-mail service providers, ISPs and browser services to educate the need for this to their customers (as their own e-mails will get through).

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