Our Guerrillas Beat Their Guerrillas.. “You Are Going to the Best Seller List!”

I just talked to Ben Mack about the Guerrilla Balance Sheet launch our partners are participating in this week.

We’re #1.. beating out the mega marketers and their humongous list for the top position and most sales so far.

That’s the power of partnerships.

There is still time to make sure you are in the New York Times Best Seller

This unique promotion is designed to help the little guy compete. No matter what size of mailing list you have, you can earn the right to be one of the Guerrilla Information Marketers featured in the book next January.

All you have to do is promote the Guerrilla Balance Sheet by telling your readers about the FREE VIDEO lesson from Jay Conrad Levinson.

They watch the video, get a huge discount on the report (really, new information on how to get paid for your marketing.. not $700 or $70.. just $7. The price is low to make sure that people who want it can get started… and we all can benefit from what’s in that report).

The system takes care of your readers.. marking down YOU as the person that told them about it. You get $5.04 immediately, and 50% of a commission on a later product (that could be $248 a sale extra for you with no work)

Beyond the quick cash, the best reason to do this is the exposure you’ll get. If you do anything related to self improvement, success, or small business entrepreneurs and marketing you want to be associated with the best selling authors here.

Imagine being able to point to a book that will be on the NY Times Best Seller list and say “that me right there”

If you haven’t signed up.. there is still time.. Go to http://BookLaunchProfits.com right now.

Then be sure to put your affiliate link on your own blog, in emails to your mailing list, and on the social marketing sites you visit. Let’s let the world know that Jay and the gurus are ready to tell  us how to get paid for your marketing.

Leave me a comment and tell us what you will do

4 thoughts on “Our Guerrillas Beat Their Guerrillas.. “You Are Going to the Best Seller List!”

  1. Hi Warren,

    You may not want to publish this and I will understand.
    One of my readers wrote me he could not get to th promised video, only to the squeeze page that led him to the marketing page.

    I had the same experience. Then when I e-mailed Paulie telling her I found the video with bad sound (broken up, not intelligible)
    she responded with a form letter making no reference to the video readers are promised.

    Yes I will continue promoting this to my list. However, my integrity is at stake with my readers when I promise something they do not get
    . . . so I feel less than wonderful about it.

    And I felt you wuld like to know.

    Best always,


  2. Wow Jay, Paulie & Ben are going gangbusters with this promotional campaign. I’m seeing them everywhere! 🙂 I decided to go for the $7 report! This is exciting! I love innovative marketing.

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