We’re putting the final touches on the copy for next week’s Be Unreasonable best seller blast.


You can see the copy we’re using at


We’re going to send people to a page that offer several gifts before buying the book… an unreasonable approach.


When you sign up, you get invited to one of several Virtual Book Tour events. And we’re not doing the reasonable thing there either. There will be many teleseminars and side promotions.. all leading back to a gift collection system.


Copy for the these events will feature partners gifts for a lot of extra exposure.


Our goal is simple. We want each and every promotion partner to get at least twice the signups as you would get in a reasonable promotion.. but not just a bunch of co-registration leads that don’t know what they are getting. We intend to keep up the quality that comes from giving a bonus gift to a book buyer


Your comments are welcome.. and encouraged. Just click on the comment link here.


Have you submitted a gift. There is still time –


If you have a problem, bad link, concern of any kind. CALL US at 702-953-5843. We’re here to help you get more from the promotion.

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