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Wanted: Partners Who Want More Authors and Entrepreneurs

RE: Authors JV.. help your list and earn easy commissions

Do you have an email list of authors, entrepreneurs or others who might be
interested in getting major national publicity?

If so, my friend Steve Harrison has an affiliate opportunity you might want
to check out. He’s offering a free telephone seminar next Thursday,
January 31st with a former Oprah guest booker on how to get booked as a
guest on top national TV shows. You’ll make a commission on a publicity
how-to product and conference he’s offering.

Last year, publicity how-to product converted at 7.4% which means the
average affiliate made $5.02 in commissions for each and every person they
got registered for the free teleseminar. This year, Steve has sweetened
the offer for affiliates by also agreeing to pay them on the conference as

In any event, to get all the details and sign up, go here now:


WithInAsThru yoU! is Going to be a Best Seller

Scott Kiere and A.S. Kerself have collaborated with you on a new book.. now going out to millions of readers through our best seller blast promotion.

Our book marketing plan has come together with 97 participating partner, dozens of free bonus gifts and cross promotions that will build the partners online mailing list with new readers, prospects and sales leads.

I’ll have rank updates on twitter and Facebook, and here of course. What I won’t be able to report is the dozens of new deals that come from partners and readers connecting. It’s very common for me to talk to a partner that has been with us for a short while.. and hear about them buying a book, going through the free gifts that are associated, and finding several new partners for their own promotions.

The book is worth the few bucks. Go ahead a grab a copy, and maybe send out a few as gifts. (think about it.. don’t you open EVERY Amazon box the second it arrives?  I’ll be your clients and prospects do to).

I’ve sent out several to people I want to stay connected with. I just add a note during the Amazon checkout that says “thought you might enjoy this” and my name. (also a free promotion idea).