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Our Monday Morning Million Mail Promotion

We are mailing now for:


Please tell your list, your blog, your social network,
your tagging sites, newsletters, your mom and EVERYONE.

Sent to the link above.. copy suggestions at:


Tell your list about “The Truth About Back Pain
between now and Wednesday, when we have a special
webinar.. (you can mail Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

We have GIFTS..

All the gifts submitted by Thursday were placed
on this the sales page


If you submitted after that, it will be up in a
few hours.

The order of gifts on the page is somewhat random,
after we proof the page, that will change, but
every approved gift will be listed.

Let me know about typos.

Thank you for your support

Warren Whitlock
702 953 5743

PS. In a big promotion with MILLIONS of emails,
it’s normal to have your friends and readers
ask how they can submit a BONUS GIFT and sign
up to tell more people.

Simply send them to



Healthy PARTNERS Help Us Spread the Truth About Back Pain

We’re getting ready to launch “The Truth About Back Pain” in a few days to millions of email readers.

Partners are telling their mailing lists and blog readers about Todd Sinett, who appeared on CBS “The Early Show” to talk about back pain.

Watch the CBS Video on Back Pain here

The follow have provided bonus gifts to make up a package worth thousands of dollars to readers ordering “The Truth About Back Pain” next week.

Andy O’Bryan
Barbara Morris

Bill Cashell
Bonnie Boots
Celia Westberry
Cheryl Laures
Cynthia Rowland
Elizabeth Manuel
Faith Zimmerman
Georgette Pann
Grace E. Mauzy 
Jason Henderson
Jennifer Schaecher
Jim Katsoulis
John M. Rowley
John Mignano
Kathy Atkinson
Linda Yo
Nancy Gable
Peter “The Humorator” Fogel
Ron and Gitie House
Roslyn Franken
Susan Berg
Terri Shearer
Wendy C. Williams

You can still join us, but you should do it now, the promo starts on Monday.


How We Will Include You In This New York Times Best Seller Book

The “Guerrilla” project response is enormous.

PARTNERS are signing up.. with little more notice than a form on this link


But many have questions…

“Just what is this promotions about?”

“Do I really get to be in a New York Times Bestseller?”

“When and what do I have to do?”

“Is there a financial commitment?

I have the answers for you…

Granted, there weren’t a lot of details. So I got Ben Mack on the phone for a few minutes to explain. Ben is the genius behind the plan, working with Paulie Sabol, Jay Conrad Levinson and 20 of the hottest information marketers to put out a strategy that GUARANTEES there will be thousands of books ordered, commissions paid up front to affiliates, and a lot of attention and traffic for those involved.

The first product will be a $7 report (easily worth 5-10x that much). But all you do is tell people about the lead in offer.

After that, they sell the report, and some will buy a $595 product. They do the work, you get paid.

When this starts, you will see a product launch you will be proud to associated with (and likely will want to get yourself)

Here’s the quick action items (do these today)

1. Sign up at http://BookLaunchProfits.com (no cost, complete instructions will follow)

2. Listen to the 9 minute recording. Ben explains just what we are doing.

3. Use your affiliate link when you tell your mailing list, blog readers, etc about the project. (sample emails, etc are provided when you sign up)

4. Earn money for each person that take s valuable report.. more if they decide to buy into the training.

5. Get just one sale, and you’ll be included in the BEST SELLER book coming out in January 2009.

Don’t forget to post a comment here. Your URL will be live for other partners who want to get to know you, and will get you “link juice”.. Ask questions, suggest ideas, any relevant thing you can think to say helps us all get to know each other better.

I monitor these comments personally and will respond with comments, blog posts or email as appropriate.

Free Traffic from Joint Ventures

I follow what Tinu says. She knows how to get free traffic.

Joint Ventures, whether there is an affiliate commission or not, get you targeted traffic and social proof (a strong recommendation that isn’t viewed with cynicism like most ads).

Check out this post:


Getting Ready to Blast to MILLIONS on 11/13

Have you signed up?


We’re going out to millions of opt in emails next Tuesday with this. I want to make sure you are getting in on the action.

If you want to put it in your own blog (you should).. please link to http://YouTheHandbook.com and put a comment here so I can give you some extra love/links


Increasing Our Reputations Together with Social Book Marketing

I’m inventing a new term this evening.. “social book marketing”.. using social bookmarking sites for book marketing.

(helps my own target keywors “book marketing” too<grin>)

Here’s the deal… I’m placing links in posts here.. and soon on other sites I tell you about.. so you can click to add a vote.

If you have similar software buttons, just let me know and I’ll be happy to reciprocate, and tell readers here (hnit.. you can tell them yourself in a comment to this post)

So click on any of the links or buttons you see.. then post a comment to let me know how it works for you

Another Partner Comments

Here’s a testimonial I picked up on Facebook

Warren Whitlock Book Marketing on Facebook

Dov Baron at October 19 1:25pm
“Warren and I have have goten to know each other over the last year or so I have found him to be very knowledgable and even more important willing to assist you in applying his knowledge for your success. Warren is the king of JV book promotion.”

I’m always looking for ways to reciprocate. Leave a comment here, and on make sure we are connected on Linkdin

Do let us all know about other networking and cross promotions sites you find