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Some of the LEAD CATEGORIES I will be sharing here

When you have been working with an online mailing list for a while, you discover that even with nearly zero cost to send a message.. you can waste a lot of time an energy unless you focus on the best leads.

Not all leads/subscribers are equal. For instance, you want to avoid getting tons of traffic from link that says “look how wrong this is”

Better to get targeted leads.. people who are subscribing to your free offer tied in to a real purchase on a related subject.

That’s why the leads from ZeroCostPromotions.com stand out. Your free bonus gift offer is shown to millions, but only redeemed by BUYERS.

And it’s even better when you choose to cross promote the best values that are in your business categories.

For instance.. we are currently putting together promotions that involve:

  • Real Estate
  • Work at Home Income
  • Health and Wellness
  • Business Philosophy
  • Leadership and Management
  • Self Growth
  • Ebay and online auctions
  • Inspiration and Spirituality
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Ecommerce and Internet Sales
  • Investments
  • Buidling an Online Income
  • Psychology
  • Making Money Online and Offline
  • Losing Weight Easily

You might not be looking for all of the above, but will find something of interest for you and your readers.

They will get a good book and a tremendous offer… you get free leads and build a better relationship with your mailing list.

If you are signed up at http://ZeroCostPromotions.com you will get a notice via email when we build the promotions. You can also watch here by adding this feed to your RSS reader.

What other kinds of leads and subscribers are you looking for?

Watch for this self improvement, business, coaching title soon.

We have some exciting promotions coming up

Milana Leshinsky’s new Coaching Millions is at the printers now. We’ll have an announcement in the next day or two on the exact date.. but it will definitely be in the next few weeks.

Coaching Millions discusses how you can your can add income to your business with coaching. It will appeal to small businesses, entrepreneurs, professional, managers, leaders and sales and marketing readers.

If you want more people on your mailing list, and more leads that have proven their interest in making money.. then watch for Coaching Millions

Building Your List Faster

I’ve had so many requests to publish more advance information about the FREE Cross Promotions we have been planning, I’ve decided to launch this partners only blog at ZeroCostPromotions.com/news

I can’t promise that you will get all details.. or that any of the pre-announcments will be held exactly as planned. There are so many factors limiting these things.

But if you want to pencil in dates, look for best fit promotions to grab as many free leads and subscribers as possible.. subscribe to this feed and you will know more what I’m up to