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Wanted: Partners Who Want More Authors and Entrepreneurs

RE: Authors JV.. help your list and earn easy commissions

Do you have an email list of authors, entrepreneurs or others who might be
interested in getting major national publicity?

If so, my friend Steve Harrison has an affiliate opportunity you might want
to check out. He’s offering a free telephone seminar next Thursday,
January 31st with a former Oprah guest booker on how to get booked as a
guest on top national TV shows. You’ll make a commission on a publicity
how-to product and conference he’s offering.

Last year, publicity how-to product converted at 7.4% which means the
average affiliate made $5.02 in commissions for each and every person they
got registered for the free teleseminar. This year, Steve has sweetened
the offer for affiliates by also agreeing to pay them on the conference as

In any event, to get all the details and sign up, go here now:


Which Offers Does Your List Like Best?

I’ve been doing a lot of tracking and research to find what people on my online mailing list are most interested.

The results have been very helpful in planning my business and promotions for the next year.

I have a several mailing lists. Primarily, there is my list of authors. I’ve discovered that when I talk a about writing and selling books, or at least something related to that , the response is 2-300% higher than general offers.

My success oriented list lover to hear about new products, but the message must have the right keywords for them.

One odd finding. Many mailing lists do not respond as well to “here’s how to make a lot of money” offers. The authors like to make money. The success seekers like to make money.. they just don’t like anything that comes off as a scheme.

I’ve also found that readers respond best to “the real me”.. messages from the heart. So when I talk about my own discoveries, products I’m using and especially books I’m reading, the click through rate on offers goes up.

How about you?

Readers of my Partner News page are usually on my “Partners” list. When I talked about getting new leads for your business, attracting new readers for your mailing list, and getting the word out about your own book (many are also on my “authors” list) I get great response.

Do you want to make money?

Yes, but my research shows that as a group, you are savvy enough to know that you aren’t going to find one magic pill, a new web tool, or secret handshake that unlocks all the wealth.

And what about your list?

Have you asked your mailing list what they want to hear about?  What issue are troubling them? What help they are looking for? and most of all what would the like to read about in your next newsletter?

Tracking is nice. Real comments from real people even better. Please leave a comment. Let’s talk about what you want to see here on the PARTNER NEWS page and what kind of joint ventures and cross promotions we should feature.

Would you like more money making offers?

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Do you appreciate our focus on qualified leads?