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FREE Book Marketing Resource.. Would You Like to be Featured?

I just added a new “lens” (page) at Squidoo (you do use Squidoo for free promotion, right?)

Another “lens” will be for “Talking With Giants”, a part of the next Mega Success Day we’re planning for January.

While there, I got thinking.. why not give away a bunch of stuff on Squidoo.. and so my FREE BOOK MARKETING lens was born.

If you market to authors, or those that want to be authors, give me something to give away and I’ll promote it. Or if you have an interesting promotion idea for authors, books, publishers or webmasters leave a comment here and we’ll pick several to feature on the “lens”

It’s FREE to get started on Squidoo.. I suggest you grab a lens URL while there are still great names available.

Only take a few seconds to sign up. You can build the page later.