“Warren, How did you link to so many people?”

I just heard from ZeroCostPromotions.com partner Dave Sharp (Savor the Fruits). He noticed how I have a lot more contacts on LinkedIn. I think my response to him will help you connect with more like minded partners so we can all grow more:

Get More from LinkedIn

The key is to invite those you have in your Rolodex (or whatever it’s called now). I still only have a tiny fraction of my Outlook contact in LinkedIn.. haven’t tried much with the mailing list, but a mass invite won’t work near as well and quick, individual messages. Every invite is a peronal connection with someone.

Some suggestions.

  1. Install the toolbars (IE and Outlook) and get in the habit of inviting people
  2. Make sure your profile is complete.
  3. Endorse as many people as you can. The “players’ love it.
  4. Look through the network of people 2-3 levels away. Always send an invite through the system

I’ve reconnected with dozens of people I had not talked to in years. My contact database includes vendors from an old business, people in the last place I lived, everyone who hands me a biz card (well, no everyone.. it’s impossible to keep all those cards). I just wish I had understood the power of staying connected back when I was in college and worked in radio for a decade. I used to think “move to a new job, start all over”.. Boy, was that dumb!

One more hint:

Buy the books on our promos (a good idea.. even if it’s self serving for me).

Then write a review on Amazon. Do they read reviews? (I got a multi-million selling author as a client 50 minutes after posting a review of his book).

Also sign up for ALL of the appropriate offers from partners. Our partners are all working to build contacts and mailing list.

Yes, this works… we’ve had partners do deals netting high five figures after meeting on a promotion.