Watch the comments

A couple of bright partners have been adding comments to this and other blogs and feeds.


Why do this?

  1. People reading the blog have similar interests
  2. Links to your site are considered “authority” links and give you credibility
  3. If you do it in more than one place, you are considered an authority

There no cost to post a comment. But plenty of opportunity.


One caveat.. don’t look like a spammer. Make sure you have read the post and comment about it. Never say “great post” rather “you said X and I’d like to add Y” and then put a link to your site.. but not a sales pitch.

5 thoughts on “Watch the comments

  1. I will not even put a link to my website in here to avoid spammy type comments, but I will revisit the site and add more comments in the future

  2. We encourage participation here and like seeing links that are relevant and promote the partners who add value.

    your comment does neither and goes out of the way to show you didn’t read the blog, nor care about our community.

    I’ll happily remove the link that you know was included in your name and use this to teach people how NOT to comment.

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