What Happened To That Email I Sent You?

Your email message got fried
I’ll bet this has happened to you…

You run an honest business, you correspond with your customers to give them the best possible service.. you have developed a good relationship.

But sometimes when you expect great response from an email you send,.. Nothing Happens

Where did that email go?

Quite likely it was caught by accident in the antispam filters.

Let’s do something about it

The Save Our Email campaign start on 3/10 with thousands of opt in subscribers working with the best opt in email mailers to see what does and doesn’t get through. At the end of the campaign, we will release the results and prove that some ISPs are not letting legitimate white listed email get through (and applaud those that are not stealing your email).

Now here’s the benefits to you.

  1. You’ll get in on the publicity
  2. The Good ISP will recognize the problem and let more good mail through
  3. Your reader will get the email that they want
  4. You have a chance to earn some money

Details are being published in the next few days.. but to make sure you get in, all you have to do now is sign up (about 1 minute to do so ) at the “Savsave mail promo sitee Our Email Now” campaign web site:


When you do, I”ll make sure you get all the details on how to grow your list, get your email through, publicize your legitimate opt in email lists, and earn hearty commissions in the process.

One thought on “What Happened To That Email I Sent You?

  1. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that e-mail is extremely broken. Somehow the junk gets through but a whole lot of real mail is blocked. It’s a huge frustration, and it gets worse when some idiot spammer forges my return address and gets me stuck on a blacklist for a while. There is a special circle of Hell reserved for these cretins.

    For a while, I couldn’t e-mail my own mother or my virtual assistant.

    I even set up a private yahoogroup with two members, just to be able to bypass the filters in talking to my assistant. Sheesh!

    As a result, I’ve been doing a lot more on social network sites.

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